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N’Gunu Tiny has helped facilitate this platform in order to facilitate a hub of thought leadership, writing, articles, analysis and commentary on various aspects of impact investing and social innovation. - contributor - ngunu tiny 2

N’Gunu Tiny

CEO @ The Emerald Group

Passionate about social change, Mr Tiny is experienced in digital transformation and innovation, fintech, distributed ledger technology (DLT), impact investing and business. - contributor - nicholas khan roper

Nicholas K. Roper

CIO and Head of Wealth @ The Advantage Family Office

His passion for all things Blockchain stems from its possibility to transform the way we interact with one another and the social benefits that cryptographic technology will create. contributor - Profile - Raúl Bragança Neto

Raúl Bragança Neto

Managing Director
@ The Emerald Group

He is passionate about impact investment and social innovation and likes to challenge the way individuals and businesses deliver value to affect real change that matters. - contributor - Chris Wilde

Chris Wilde

Head of Digital Technology and Computing @ Royal Grammar School

“Nobody can predict the future jobs market, but one thing that is certain in that automation and technology will play a huge role. The ability to think creatively, solve problems, understand computers and how to control them will prepare you for every eventuality. Chris believes that teachers and the education system in general, needs to equip the future thinkers for the future ahead of them.